Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NanoITX now running at 1.5Ghz

Well, according to my Blogger dashboard, it's been a year since I sold my 800Mhz Nano ITX board, disappointed with the lacklustre performance. Well, frankly, I'd been spoilt with faster machines.

I'm now the prowd owner of 2 Mac Minis - one Power PC version running at 1.4 Ghz with a GB of RAM, and one Core Duo 1.66Mhz model with 2Gb RAM which sits in my kitchen and chews its way through DVD rips, DTV recording, and iTunes playing - all at the same time, without a glitch.

Sorry all, I know that some of you are anti-Apple - you must be to be paying what you do in a search for small custom computers running 'nix... Well, why? You can stick Linux or even Windows on a Mac if you really don't like the Mac OS. If you don't like the case, well, get creative and use the innards in a biscuit tin instead!

For my purposes then, Mac is good. And to be honest, if I want to run Linux, I'm going to run it in VMWare. As for Windows, it can get stuffed.

So, sorry, Nano ITX, 1.5Ghz ain't fast enough for me, however small you are.


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