Thursday, February 02, 2006

Small issue installing XP on SATA - should have remembered this one!

I ran out of time last night, but a little note of caution to those installing XP: I'd forgotten about this, but XP needs extra drivers (VIA SATA RAID) to install on a SATA hard drive. What a pain! XP, of course, can only read these from floppy drive (I tried from CD), and there's no floppy connector on the main board. Bring on the next version of Windows! I hope it doesn't have the same limitations. Anyway, so I've ordered an IDE drive because they're dirt cheap. I'll carry on the review on Friday.


Blogger pocketmoon said...

Could you use an external USB Floppy drive ?

If the bios recognises it as a floppy device before windows loads then you may be in with a chance :)

I'm inches aways from ordering a nano myself!

10:13 am  
Blogger pocketmoon said...

I've caved in and bought one too!

Keepp up the good work! I can learn from your experiences :)

Rob J

12:30 pm  

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