Friday, February 17, 2006

Selling my Epia-N 8000E

OK, for now, I've decided to sell my Epia-N 8000E on eBay. I can't afford to have this kicking around while I decide on a use for it, and it doesn't fit into a 5.25" bay as it is. I guess that to do this, I'd need to fit a custom heatsink, and probably use an Epia-NL becuase the ports aren't where I'd want them to be.

Anyway, I've packed it all back in the box, removed the heatsink and memory, and packed a couple of new tubes of thermal grease. Everything is in original working order. If you're interested, click here to see the eBay listing. This is £20-30 cheaper than I paid for it, and of course, you'd be buying it from a UK seller. Email me at mick_sear at hotmail dot com with questions.

Will I buy one in the future? Probably. Question is one of purpose. If I'm not putting it into a spare 5.25" drive bay, then I need to identify a real requirement (or at least cool idea) before I splash out again. Meanwhile, someone else can make better use of this one :)


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