Friday, February 03, 2006

Problems with SATA and XP

OK, quick update on SATA drives and installing XP. Because the Epia-N has no floppy connector, you need to use a USB floppy drive to load the SATA RAID drivers when installing XP onto a SATA drive.

For me, this didn't work. XP set about checking the SATA drive and blue-screened in the process. I'm not sure at the moment if this was the drive (which isn't brand new) or the driver. Either way, I don't want to be in a position where I have to borrow a USB floppy drive again, so I'm installing on an IDE drive later today. I'll post an update to say how it went.


Blogger pocketmoon said...

Hi again,

I'm eagily awaiting my Nano's arrival now. In the mean time I built a Shuttle PC for my son last night (SD11G5 - Pentium M). It too has no floppy connector, BUT the bios appears to allow the OS to view the SATA drive as an IDE. I just plugged in the 'old' SATA I had lying around (Hitachi Deathstar 200GB!) and the XP (SP2) install worked first time - no 3rd party driver loading required.

Have you checked out the various bios settings on the EPIA to see if it's able to do this ?

I think in the case of XP + Shuttle the F6 driver load is only required for RAID support.



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