Friday, February 24, 2006

Sold my board, plus some other things

OK, my Epia-N is now sold on eBay. Hopefully the new owner will find a use for it that either doesn't involve MPEG playback or uses the available software. Anyway, for my part, I can't be leaving a £220 board kicking around gathering dust, as I just posted on LiveJournal.

On another note, many people have emailed or otherwise contacted me to point me at the MPEG playback solutions that are out there. VIA also helped by alerting me to a few. So here they are:

- CyberLink PowerDVD (Might need an old version)
- WinDVD

Via Enhanced Xine
Via Enhanced Mplayer

EpiOS should also include sufficient support.

If I've missed any, let me know.

On another note, have started selling the boards (The entire range, including all Epia-N and NL SKUs) to those who registered for early notification. Prices are about what I expected, with the Epia-N 8000E selling for £189 ex. VAT. They've also reviewed the 1Ghz board quite extensively and pretty much found what I found, although I've gotta say, there seems to be a tendency to make product reviews a bit wordy these days...


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