Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mini-PCI parts and more

OK, now we've got Christmas over with, let's hope that VIA's New Year resolutions look like this:

  1. Release Epia-N / Epia-NL ASAP.
  2. Support third parties to develop and bring to market supporting products (cases, PSUs, etc.)
  3. Announce a whole load of new variants like dual lan, RAID SATA, etc. and lower the price :)
Anyway, until that happens, here are a couple of links to interesting UK resellers. Firstly, BVM, who sell quite a few mini-PCI cards along with single board computers, Mini-ITX boards, etc.. I guess this'll be useful for the mini-PCI WiFi card they sell. Secondly, I came across ITX Warehouse, who sell a fairly standard range of Mini-ITX products. They do however have quite competitive pricing by the looks of things, and sell a good range of cases, etc. Unfortunately, no Mini-PCI cards or TFTs with LVDS interfaces, though :(

Just out of interest, if anyone has a car PC with WiFi & TFT, can you email me info or a link? I'm interested to know if you're downloading tunes or video to your car via WiFi and what keyboard / mouse setup you're using. I'm planning a links page soon to collate all the sites I've found, so you'll probably get added :).

Finally for today, I found this forum. For some reason, it hadn't shown up in earlier searches, but it does seem to be alive and kicking. There are some cool sites to be found in some of the posts, like Mashie Design, which I've seen before, but had forgotten about. Milliput / dremmel heaven!

Just updated the look of the site - I think it looks a bit nicer than the plain vanilla template I was using before. I'm actually getting quite a lot of traffic to this blog, so I plan to flesh it out a bit with a links resource, plus perhaps some reviews. If anyone would like to send me bits for review, let me know. This can range from hardware like cases, monitors, LCD screens etc. to software utilities capable of running on Epia boards (like CF-based Linux installs, etc.)


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