Thursday, December 15, 2005

Via Arena

Visited Via Arena today for the first time, and it was pretty interesting. This site is probably old hat to you seasoned modders, but this is a learning curve for me, so please be patient. Anyway, interest in Nano-ITX is still bubbling away under the surface, but I think most people are just getting on with their lives now :)

I used to work for a big printer company who shall remain nameless. I worked as a techie in their marketing department. One thing I'll always remember is the product that was in the top right corner of their roadmap. It stayed there, occupying the same slot of the roadmap (expensive, long way in the future, technological milestone) for what seemed like an age. It promised everything that customers were calling for and all we could do was say 'wait and see'. Eventually, it was launched, and then proceeded to affect every other product in the range.

Hopefully, VIA have reached that point. Fingers crossed it's time to get excited again.


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