Friday, December 30, 2005

Might we see the Epia-N in Q4?

VIA are naturally keeping quiet about the exact availability date of their Nano-ITX boards, no doubt more than a little embarrassed by the ever-slipping dates. However, a little bird tells me that the issues presented by the diminutive design, (namely heat and electical interference due to close proximity of components) have now been overcome.

Ever the optimist, and despite having no proof, I'd hazard a guess that we'll actually see boards appearing for sale in Q4 (Jan-March 2006). I'd not be surprised if VIA actually ship their first volumes by air since the product is small, light, high value and strategically important, which would bring them to market much quicker than conventional sea freight. Additionally, I guess it's quite likely that initial production will be smaller scale in case of production issues.

Tantalising, isn't it?

Incidentally, can anyone attending CES in January give me news of any interesting sightings, such as enclosures, PSUs, etc. for the Nano-ITX?


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