Monday, December 05, 2005


Just an introduction:

OK, so I'm looking around for info about the Nano-ITX. I really like the idea of the Mini-ITX format, but it's just not small enough for what I want to do with it.

What I want - what I've been thinking about for the best part of a year - is to make a PC fit within a 5.25" drive bay.

Why? Well, I use VMWare Workstation quite a lot, generally with Linux, as a development machine on which I install LAMP. Anyway, the idea is that I can install Linux (Probably Damn Small Linux) on a Flash card or something, and have a completely fanless little box running within my (already small) PC's CD drive bay. Look, I just want to, OK? Because I can. The Nano-ITX form factor, for those who don't know, is a 12cmx12cm sized board. Get a ruler and see how small that actually is.

Well, to be more precise, I can't, but I know I will be able to, soon.

Anyway, today, I looked at, but the owner of that seems to have lost interest a bit. Then, I did my usual Google search, which turned up the following:
Anyway, I'm on the press list for VIA now to get one of these when it comes out. I'm reviewing it for IT Reviews, so we'll see what it's like soon! This blog will contain all that I find out about the board, both before getting my sticky mitts on one, and about the build project when it finds it's way to my door...


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